2018: A New Year; a new start and a new Welcome. Thank you for visiting my website.

When a friend recently relayed the storyline of a sci-fi television program I might like, my response was: “I have similar experiences whilst researching my ancestors’ history and their exploits are actually about my own family.”

My family’s history has turned out to be fascinating and much more interesting than fiction.

In 2018 my next family history interest is how to chronologise the stories of my ancestors and their cohort that fill my head, computer files, blog posts and family history website. How to turn these bones into, at least, skeletons ready to be fleshed-out, post 2018, into publications about their lives and the part they played in the making of Australia. The plan is to use the proceeds from the sale of these publications to fund the restoration of those family graves and headstones most urgently in need.

Participating in ’52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks’ fits nicely as the backbone. #52ancestors

The late 1990s saw my start in family history research, when genealogical records moved beyond microfilm. The myriad of information held by the FamilySearch organisation – the genealogical arm of the Church of Jesus Christ of later-day Saints, [LDS], – was being digitised and made freely available online. My sister-in-law, Beverly LEHMAN, already an avid family historian, had compiled a good skeleton of our family tree. Through participation in her local family history group Bev had researched via: microfilm searches, written record requests and other time consuming methods of that era. Bev suggested, because of my knowledge of computers, I would be an ideal candidate to take up the recording of this valuable family heirloom.

Bev was right and I think she may have also realised my ‘need to know’ made me the perfect candidate for research activities.

So started my backward journey toward finding out about the beginnings of my ancestors’ time; be that the time of their birth, death, marriage or re-settlement. Armed with Bev’s paper trail, FamilySearch.org provided almost unbelievable information from church records in Germany, dating back centuries, for my LEHMAN, [LEHMANN before arrival in Australia], and WELLER families who arrived in Launceston, Tasmania in 1855.

Thus in 2005 I started a family tree website: Lehman & Weller …. Kindred Konnections.

By 2015 I had become more than curious about family lore surrounding John RUSSELL, my great-great grandfather on my father’s maternal side. With the intention of finding out more, when the opportunity arose thanks to the mention by the Public Records Office Victoria (PROV)’s Facebook Page I participated in the first intake of the University of Tasmania’s (Utas) Introduction to Family History unit.

The unit is now ongoing as one of the eight [+ one elective] forming the Diploma of Family History course for which I have now completed five units.

In 2016, the process having led me onto writing the family stories, I started to blog about those on my tree which I’ve taken a fancy to write about. All are connected via the main trunk but some may be to out on a limb or leaves on a branch.

Early 2017 I decided to complete the last three [or four by choice] units of the Diploma at my own pace.

Go here for an overview of Utas Diploma of Family History units with Links to the stories I have written during my participation.

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